Why I love Photography


Over twenty nine years ago I traveled to Jamaica on Vacation, my High School graduation gift from my parents.

When I came back and processed the rolls of film from my trip, it was then that I realized that I had a fascination with Photography. I spent the next year reading any and all materials (books, magazines, videos, etc.) that I could get my hands on. At that time I had just started attending College and wanted to learn how the entire photography process works. I decide that I would do a minor in Photography while majoring in Education. I enjoyed printing from Black and White negatives and from Slides, and tried to absorb as much as I could from my Professors at City College.

I was given the keys to the Darkroom by one of my professors, and started supervising the Darkroom Lab sessions of some of my classmates, and other students taking photography classes. Through this process, I met the Editor of the College Night Newspaper. After critiquing his work, and helping him to improve his printing skills, he asked me to join the Newspaper as the Photo Editor, and later on, also held the post of Editor in Chief.

It is a great responsibility and honor to be asked to capture someone special life changing event. I have found this to be a pleasure, and have created some very special bonds over the years at several functions.

I have enjoyed the many aspects of photography, but the true enjoyment to me, is knows that I shared in your special day, and was asked to capture and keep the special memories of your event alive forever.

I photograph each event with one thing in mind, knowing that you might not remember every moment of the day. That is why I capture all the small critical details that will bring you back to each very special emotion of your event.

I have had the privilege of photographing babies, models, commercial, weddings, sweet sixteen, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, and several other events, and have worked at the various catering facilities throughout the New York Tri-state region.

The early years have given me the experience of shooting affairs at places such as The Water’s Edge, the Water Club, Tavern on the Green (in it’s old glory days), Leonard’s of Great Neck, many Temple in the Five Towns region, Great Neck, Monsey, and many Country Clubs on Long Island and in the Upstate regions of New York, as well as some Connecticut and New Jersey areas.

I learned to do photography the old fashion way, and approximately 7 years ago crossed over from Medium Format film photography to Digital photography. My style of photography includes Contemporary, Traditional Portraiture and Photojournalism techniques.

With all the changes in the industry, one thing remains true, the enjoyment that I have capturing and event, and the pride that I have to know that my clients trust me, and gave me the honor of recording and preserving their life changing day.

When I am not photographing special events, I enjoy capturing the beautiful landscapes that is provide by nature and the flowers of spring time, as well as the breathtaking colors of the fall foliage.

Why trust me to capture your special event? Experience, personality and time proven consistency, that is why. You can relax and enjoy the very best part of you day, knowing that when the day is over, your memories will be captured an preserved forever by Don Anthony’s Photography.

Your truly reliable, dependable, and trustworthy photographer.